Beautiful window draperies & pets in the home

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Beautiful window draperies & pets in the home.
How PetPeePee clean draperies curtains from dog and cats urine odor that carry the label "dry-cleaning only."

Mrs. Allen from Georgia told me: my dog urinated on my custom-made draperies. I took him down straight to the dry cleaner that I'm dealing with them for more than 10 years.

The minute he saw the draperies, he said, good luck if you find somebody to remove the urine odor.

I realize that I have a problem.
I search the Internet and found your company PetPeePee, I watch the video on YouTube, and I read the reviews on Google. I let it sit in my mind hope to find another local service.

I passed to the dry cleaner on my way to work and asked them if they guarantee to remove the urine odor from custom-made draperies that carry the label dry cleaner only.

The answer was good luck if you find somebody.

I call PetPeePee and my sheep, the draperies next to Florida, to be clean from that dog urine odor.

My name is Meir Martin. I'm the owner of the PetPeePee company. I invented a cleaning process that does not contain toxic chemicals, such as dry cleaner enzyme deodorizer or detergent.
The natural odor-free cleaning product from the Dead Sea is my secret cleaning product that guarantees the removal of the urine odor and, in most cases, even the stains (PetPeePee cannot guarantee the removal of the stain).

The Dead Sea cleaner it's a wet cleaning process, and customers will know all the details before shipping the draperies.

PetPeePee the reviews on Google prove that's what I promise I deliver

PetPeePee company specializes in Cleaning and Removing the dog cat urine odor from Oriental rug or Drapery. Using the Natural Dead Sea Cleaner And the XpetPee machine, we provide a 100% guarantee in writing urine odor removal completely permanently without masking or using the deodorizer or enzyme.
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PetPeePee address: 1442 Southwest 12 Avenue Pompano Beach, FL 33069
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